WTF Friday: Burn out, literally


While basically pointless outside of a drag strip everyone still stops to watch a nice burn out. It’s just one of those things that comes with being a car enthusiast. They are an awesome spectacle when they go well.

But when they don’t…

My friend Grant sent me this first one, I pictured a lot of things happening but I didn’t expect the car to spontaneously combust! At least they chained it up instead of having people holding it?

I am pretty sure I saw this second video on the cardomain blog, tires blow up in burnout contests all the time but I have never seen them do this much damage to the car after exploding. I guess Camaro’s are sort of weak?

Remember this from the RX-7 Theme Tuesday? This is how it's done

Site Updates

I’ve let you guys wait long enough here are two of the 4 (maybe 5) new sticker designs I am sending off to the printers on Monday. Feel free to leave color preferences in the comments so that I can make sure to have them for the first order.

I decided to a a little ‘riskier’ with these stickers since there are quite a few clever stickers out these days and I didn’t want to feel left out!

URL stickers 2.0? Sex sells!
A little bit of a play on words with this one
Little bit of a play on words

Hopefully no one rips them off between now and when I have them in my hands!

Flashback Friday

Watching the above burn out fails reminded me of a lot of classic automotive fails I have seen via youtube so I decided that what better way to cap off today’s WTF Friday than to throw it back to a previous WTF Friday: 10 Crazy youtube car crashes

For those of you who want the WTF Friday guessing game to return it will as soon as I get some of the new sticker designs in.

Oh Rob…

Anyway I am off to ride in a BMX contest today so fingers crossed see you Monday injury free!


  1. Loving the new stickers as much as I love that RX-7 pic!
    If you need anymore sticker ideas, i’m sure I can figure some out!

  2. Interesting, lol. I saw one not too long ago of a Neon trying to do a burnout…. Engine threw a rod, haha. It was awesome enough to watch two or three times over. 😛 Huge hole in the hood & one very dead engine, what you get for being dumb.

    Conversely, watching my friend do a mini-burnout in his S14 was rather interesting. I’ve never been able to do them intentionally. Mine would all be one-wheel-wonders anyhow, so no thanks!

    Nice on the stickers, but nothing I’d put on my own car, with the whole straight girl thing and all. Hope you understand. 😉

  3. Ya Meg that SR-10 one is classic.

    And don’t worry the other designs are a bit more female friendly.

    Oh and ya 1 tire fires are not so cool

  4. I don’t like burn outs nor find them entertaining, but I’ll catch myself watching it anyways.

    New stickers are pretty cool, but def. not wifey safe. I saw what you did there on that 2nd one (-_^)

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