The ‘What Is Sic Ryde’ contest winner is….


First, on behalf of myself and Sic Ryde I would like to thank everyone who entered the ‘What Is Sic Ryde’ contest. Everyone brought their creativity and originality to the table and reading all of the answers was a lot of fun, especially for me since I don’t even know the true answer myself.

Unfortunately just like how there can only one Sic Ryde, there can also only one winner of the Importfest tickets and that winner is….

Sic Ryde
a continuously evolving timeless art of expressing emotion and passion through creativity and customization of every aspect and implementing it for the world to be seen as it drives by,
Sic Ryde is the cultivation of Positive Energy
SicRyde is Serotonin on wheels
SicRyde is the fundamentals of individuality, for those who follow and have passion for any ride, its about making it yours, about standing out and making a statement, expressing yourself so well that you are remembered, its about being in the game and impressing those on the sidelines, symphony of sound from the engine, exhaust and intake, from a purr to a roar that wakes Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and the rest, paintjobs that inspire, turn and wake Picasso, van Gogh, Salvador Dali and the likes, 0-60 times that the gods double take and make the speed of light seem turtle like and innovative styling and engineering that makes Leonardo davinci, Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla and a few more wish they thought of that!
Sic Ryde is a Sicth Sense
Sic Ryde is the only Spiritual enlightenment derived from materialistic happiness
there is no imitation of SicRyde there is no distinction
What is Sic Ryde , Sic Ryde is never the same, Sic Ryde is the epitome of all above, Sic Ryde is as Sic Ryde Does.
One day the whole world will be Sic Ryde’s and full of Sick Rides!
Could you be Sic Ryde?
Sic Ryde is as perceived
Proof is only as believed to be given
As God to Mankind
SicRyde is to all Rides
Could I be Sic Ryde?
Sic Ryde changing the world one day at a time
Sic Ryde, Pass it on .

-AK (Ali Kamani).

Ali, Congratulations on your win and see you at Importfest!

For everyone else who has entered hope you still come to Importfest as Sic Ryde has offered to give all of the entrants a free key chain for participating.

You can pick your key chain up at the Sic Ryde display which will be easy to notice as he is bringing at least 11 cars to the show.

Free to all entrants

Once again thank you for entering and reading and remember, Sic Ryde – Expect the Unexpected.


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