Mr Ing.


Mr Ing has been turning a lot of heads breaking necks in his Lexus GS350 lately, he’s been featured on the scraped crusaders, has two long threads about his car on jdmrides and when we rolled in to the Nextmod 1 year every stopped and looked.

The reason his car turns so many heads is because a Lexus that looks like this in the GTA is somewhat of a rare bird and this one is in a current state of evolution.

Since this picture the splitter has been pushed in, the wheels pushed out, and the exhaust gutted.

Now if you don’t see him first you will most certainly hear him.


Super high res version here

My girlfriend snapped this picture on the way Nextmod Anniversary BBQ myself as a warm up for a full feature on a different Lexus that is coming soon.


  1. This car looks so sick, especially now the splitter is pushed in and the wheels are evenly poked 🙂

  2. that is so tight

    personally i’d maybe dechrome the window surrounds and light surrounds…but that’s just my look 🙂 full on stunning!

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