WTF Friday: The Engine, it fell out


Have you ever had a conversation with someone who doesn’t know a lot about cars and they might say something like “If I don’t take my car to the dealer the motor may fall out” or “the mechanic said my motor was dropping out”.

I’m paraphrasing of course but I have had some really weird conversations with people who treat cars like appliances, anyway, it never really occurred to me that if you hit something hard enough your motor may just indeed fall out.

Well I guess in reality that is a little inaccurate as it didn’t so much fall out as it was forced out of the engine bay where it previously resided by the poor judgment of either the driver involved or someone else.

One way of parting a car

I’d like to hope that everyone involved in this accident was ok but judging by the damage, I dunno… it takes some serious force to make a motor fall out.

The picture above also reminds me of this comedy skit where John Clark and Bryan Dawe talk about a ship in which the front fell off.

Site Updates

Next Tuesday morning I fly out to Vegas for SEMA and everything is finally falling into place.

My laptop, after much ordeal, finally arrived so I will be able to do nightly coverage (provided the Vegas lights don’t distract me too much) and I had 2 custom shirts made at a local shop near by work.

If you see someone in these shirts at SEMA say hi, it's me

In regards to actual production of these shirts to sell, I am going to look into it for the future but I probably won’t be making any moves until after Christmas.

When I do I will be sure to post a lot about it and make sure those who want shirts get them.

Flashback Friday

Let’s kick it back to a Theme Tuesday that’s all bagged vehicles. Bags ain’t just for groceries.

VIP and bags is a match made in heaven


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