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Event Coverage: The 2019 Canadian International Autoshow

Featuring Lego Bugattis, Dubai Super Cars, Genesis concepts and all manner of exotic cars including the Ferrari F50 CIAS '19 was a great show.

Event Coverage: The 2018 Canadian International Autoshow

The 2018 Canadian International Autoshow featured both the fastest and most efficient production cars ever made. Show stealers included the Dodge Demon, The Mercedes AMG-E one and the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

Theme Tuesday: 2018 Canadian International Autoshow Wheel Gallery

The precursor to coverage of the 2018 Canadian International Autoshow is this wheel gallery. New OEM models, vintage racing models, and the bleeding edge of lightweight technology are all included within.

Event Coverage: The 2017 Canadian International Autoshow

Running throughout mid February The Canadian International Autoshow doesn't quite signal the end of winter but it's pretty damn close and always a welcome escape...

The Two Best Rooms Of The 2016 Canadian International AutoShow

This year, in my humble opinion of course, two rooms at the Canadian International AutoShow absolutely stole the show, these rooms were The Auto...

Event Coverage: The 2016 Canadian International AutoShow

In the years previous the Canadian International AutoShow has served as a reminder that yes winter does end and I'd better remember how to...

Event Coverage: The 2015 Canadian International Autoshow – Pt. 2

The Canadian International Auto Show  officially concluded on Sunday and as of now all of the vehicles have either returned to their owners, or are...

Theme Tuesdays: SIE Canadian International Autoshow Favourites

Upon returning to work Friday a few somewhat car interested co-workers asked what my favourite car of the entire show was. Being indecisive, and crippled...

Event Coverage: The 2015 Canadian International Autoshow – Pt. 1

As winter begins to get long in the tooth, the Canadian International Autoshow arrives to give enthusiasts of Ontario a bit of reprieve. This year...

Event Coverage: The 2013 Canadian International Autoshow: Pt. 2

Back with the second (and final) batch of photos from the 2013 Canadian International Autoshow media day. In my two years of experience attending the show for media day I have found striking an even balance between getting uncluttered photos and attending big reveals a little difficult. Last year I missed pretty well everything but this year I fared a bit better managing to catch three or four. Sadly I was distracted during Chevrolet's uncloaking of the Sting Ray which I'm still kicking myself over.