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Event Coverage: The 2013 Canadian International Autoshow: Pt. 1

The Canadian International Autoshow  celebrates 40 years of operation this year which makes me wonder how many I've attended throughout the years. Though the number is likely  less than half I can remember as a child, attending the show with my dad, running from car to car for a  chance go get in the drivers seat and pretend to drive.

Event Coverage: The 2014 Canadian International Autoshow

The Canadian International Autoshow is currently running now until February 23rd and for car enthusiasts across the city it serves as a great way...

Theme Tuesdays: Lowriders & The Canadian International Auto Show

Media Day at The Canadian International Auto Show has been my escape from winter for nearly a decade now. If I'm to be completely...

2012 Canadian International Auto Show Part: 2

Before I begin part 2 of the coverage from the Canadian International Auto Show let me say I missed a few manufacturers on media day, most notably Mazda, BMW, and Scion. I only ended up with about four hours to shoot and trying to cover the show in that time while still being somewhat social proved a little more difficult than I thought.

2012 Canadian International Auto Show Part: 1

By now I am sure most of you are aware that the Canadian International Auto Show is currently being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center until February 26th. In addition to your typical auto show fare (concept cars, new models, 2012 updates, and so forth) the show also has a number of specialty rooms showcasing Triumps, Classic cars, and Exotic cars.

Event Coverage: The 2010 Toronto International Auto show

This Saturday I went to the Toronto International Auto show, which I used to go to all the time with my dad as a young buck but this is only my second year going as an 'adult'. Going the Saturday before the show closed was perhaps a mistake as the show got busier as the day went on making it harder and harder to take photos.


When I first saw the Mazda 2 at the Canadian International Autoshow in 2010 I saw some potential there thanks to the three cars Mazda brought out. Maybe not potential for everyone but definitely something there for people looking for a small hatch. A couple have popped up online (most notably one on Hella Flush) but I think this might be one of the most modified one in the states right now.

Winter Wednesdays: Surviving

Well, we're here again, in the dregs of winter. The thermometer here in the Greater Toronto Area is currently nineteen degrees Celsius below 0....

Not Dead Yet: 2018 In Review

Here we are at the end of another year, and I'm sat in front of the computer the night before New Year's Eve wracking...

Returning to Binbrook

It's been two years since I last took a trip out to Binbrook Speed & Custom, my friend Keith's hot rod shop. In that...