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Previously best known for their commuter cars and soccer mom moving compact sport utility vehicles, Hyundai placed their bets on quite the roll of dice when they released the Genesis line of vehicles in 2008. Faced with a seriously uphill battle convincing the general public --never mind enthusiasts-- that they could produce a luxury car, and a sports coupe, they had to come out of the gate swinging to grab any sort of market hold.

After an Ontario Provincial Rally Championship win in 2010 and a second place overall finish in 2011, Team Manick took 2012 as a year to regroup and focus their efforts. After 9 months of design, fabrication, and assembly they are back on the stages – this time competing in the Canadian Rally Championship, and hungry for the podium.

As enthusiasts we've all got first car memories that we hold dear. Some of us began our journey with unfit vehicles we coaxed into road worthiness with months of tireless work, while others were lucky enough acquire hand me down vehicles that have been in the family since new. The last scenario describes Guillaume and his GTI, a car that his mother first purchased in 2004.

If I am to be perfectly honest it took me a awhile to warm up to Mazda's last production kick at the rotary can. In stock trim the RX-8 didn't do a whole lot for me and many I saw at shows were hilariously over the top. It wasn't until I saw Moneesh's car  that I realized the RX-8 really just needs a refined tasteful touch to look 'just right'.

Considered one of the most well rounded and affordable sports cars ever built there are many who regard the Honda s2000 as near perfect straight from the factory. More often know as purists these individuals look down on any sort of modification done to the AP1 chassis as tarnishing a master piece. To a purist removing the factory power plant in favor of an LS1 would be considered a cardinal sin but thankfully for us Gerrot is not a purist by any definition of the word.

Dean’s 1991 Mazda Miata has a laundry list of modifications that make it look just right. Everything is carefully considered by its owner to be just the way he wants it. The first thing one might notice are the CCW Classic wheels with 245/35/16R European spec Toyos. Yes, that's right, 245 width. That means the wheels must be pretty wide!

The 2013 Toronto Fitted Lifestyle event brought together some of the finest cars the GTA has to offer and one car that stood out among the field was Mathew Barrada's immaculate s14. Shimmering in the sun the way only a car coated in pearlescent paint can it is a stunning example of the less is more philosophy. Every time I've seen the car since it has never failed to catch my eye and today via the lens of Chris Johnston this stunning s14 is visible in a non show setting.

Travelling, studying, and living abroad is often a once in a life time opportunity and those fortunate enough to do so are usually forced to sacrifice quite a bit. In fact it is regularly said that the best philosophy to have when living life on the road is to pack light and never acquire items you are not willing to walk away from at a moments notice. For car enthusiasts, this mentality can be a bit of a problem because very few of us are willing to give up our cars, or passion for modifying them, at the drop of a hat.

Visiting Montreal for Eurokracy 2013 opened up several opportunities to share a meal, drink, or both, with people I had previously only had the pleasure of interacting with on-line and today's feature comes by way of one of those chance encounters. Gabe, and Kevin, --who I met over dinner after Eurokracy-- are part of the production team at French Canadian VDO; a Quebec based media outlet that has been making an impact on the minitrucking world for the past few years.

Lowriding is one part of the enthusiast lifestyle that is often incredibly misunderstood. To many, even other enthusiasts, painting intricate designs with copious amounts of flake on the frame and underside of an American classic is as silly as... well, building a car that can hop up and down at the carefully timed flip of a switch. But if you think about it building a show quality lowrider is not unlike building a show quality drift car. Both are meant to be used in a ways a normal car never would and both might as well look damn good while doing it.