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There's no doubt in my mind that everyone of you fortunate enough to have a car in high school remember it fondly. For most...

Impressively the fifteen plus year deceased Nissan s14 chassis boasts one of the larger after market catalogs in existence. There's literally no shortage of options when...

As with most people who have been in the fitment game for a few years Shea has been consistently working to get his car...

When Don of Yorkville Auto bought his 1950 Chevrolet from Vintage U-Pick in Florida, he was under the impression it was a “strong running,...

Recently a number of builds have emerged from the rapidly growing Mazda 3 aggressive fitment community that are pushing the chassis ride height and...

Previously best known for their commuter cars and soccer mom moving compact sport utility vehicles, Hyundai placed their bets on quite the roll of dice when they released the Genesis line of vehicles in 2008. Faced with a seriously uphill battle convincing the general public --never mind enthusiasts-- that they could produce a luxury car, and a sports coupe, they had to come out of the gate swinging to grab any sort of market hold.

After an Ontario Provincial Rally Championship win in 2010 and a second place overall finish in 2011, Team Manick took 2012 as a year to regroup and focus their efforts. After 9 months of design, fabrication, and assembly they are back on the stages – this time competing in the Canadian Rally Championship, and hungry for the podium.

As enthusiasts we've all got first car memories that we hold dear. Some of us began our journey with unfit vehicles we coaxed into road worthiness with months of tireless work, while others were lucky enough acquire hand me down vehicles that have been in the family since new. The last scenario describes Guillaume and his GTI, a car that his mother first purchased in 2004.

If I am to be perfectly honest it took me a awhile to warm up to Mazda's last production kick at the rotary can. In stock trim the RX-8 didn't do a whole lot for me and many I saw at shows were hilariously over the top. It wasn't until I saw Moneesh's car  that I realized the RX-8 really just needs a refined tasteful touch to look 'just right'.

Considered one of the most well rounded and affordable sports cars ever built there are many who regard the Honda s2000 as near perfect straight from the factory. More often know as purists these individuals look down on any sort of modification done to the AP1 chassis as tarnishing a master piece. To a purist removing the factory power plant in favor of an LS1 would be considered a cardinal sin but thankfully for us Gerrot is not a purist by any definition of the word.