You ma boy blue!


I came across this DC Integra when looking for cars with BMX bikes on the roof for this weeks Theme Tuesday.

I know nothing about this car and can’t remember which forum I saw it on so for all I know these photos could be very old. Regardless I liked the car and the photography so up it goes.

Ironically I think I would prefer it without any rack at all.

Nice composition in this shot, I think anyway
Sittin pretty flush
The green actually works well with the blue under the hood
Clean interior with Bride seats
Don't you hate when summer showers come in the middle of a photo shoot?
DC integras take very well to a slightly raked stance
I think shocker stickers have run their course but I dig this rear shot
This shot really made me wish I could see the car without the rack


  1. (o.O) nice DC indeed, but would be nicer if it were a 4 door and no rack. Sorry I just have a thing for 4 door DC’s (^_^)

    The interior would have been perfect if it had a after market steering wheel. Seats are sexy

    I have other comments but I’ll stop here. Sorry I’m picky when it comes to DC’s. They are my choice of Honda/Acura 2nd to only the NSX (^_^) hehehe!

  2. Shocker = way past it’s time. They annoy me to no end.

    I’d love the car way more if it had the JDM front end, lol. I ended up seeing that and, well, this front never held the same appeal to me. I’ll know soon enough what a pain it is to do a front end swap, though, so I’m sure I’ll understand why it’s not super common.

  3. With the exception of the shocker sticker, I love everything about that car. Roof rack on a 2dr is a big thumbs up!

  4. HOLY SHIT! That’s my friends Mikey’s car. We’re from West Palm Beach, Florida. It is (was) the dankest teg ever. Sadly, he got into an accident a few months back and now owns a 240. This is awesome.

  5. Dang, my car actually made it onto a legit stance forum! Thanks everyone for the compliments! Btw the shocker sticker came off of the car that same day lol. Oh, and i did end up putting an aftermarket steering wheel on it some time after that shoot (350mm personal neo grinta). Once again thanks all for the compliments and i gotta give a big thumbs up to my buddy Sal for taking the pics!

    R.I.P. Teggy 🙁


  6. Hey Mikey sorry to hear that your car got wrecked, any pics of the 240 based on what you did with your Teg I can’t imagine it looking anything but sick!

  7. its not worthy of pics yet (i have only had it for a month… with what i have planned for the 240 it will blow the integra out of the water 🙂

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