WTF Friday: 10 Crazy 60s and 70s Show Rods


Today’s WTF Friday was originally going to be a Theme Tuesday but after some consideration I thought it might be a little too “far out” for some.

Despite the fact that many of them are some of the most ridiculous looking things on four wheels I’ve always loved show rods from the sixties and seventies. No matter how over the top they still manage to stay (somewhat) grounded in era correct modifications by way of wheel selection, motor, loud pipes/headers, and of course raked stance.

This is probably the most recent of all the builds posted today. It appeared online a few months ago and I’ve not found much info on it since
The Hustler, named such for obvious reasons
This Bathtub buggy was built (by George Barris) for a Japanese fair in 1970. You can read more about it here
The Pizza Wagon actually appeared at the Grand National Roadster show this year, from I’ve read it was built by Dan Woods. Can’t find much info on the power plant(s)
and to think Jalopnik is making a big deal over a silly Honda Lawnmower when this was built years ago! (/sarcasm)
Not a hell of a lot of info on this but it looks like there’s a Dick Tracy Logo on it, movie creation? I’ve never actually seen Dick Tracy…
One of several of today’s cars to make it into AMT model status. This is the “The Mummy Machine”
The Red Baron was designed for Monogram Models by Tom Daniels in ’68 it was then built into this 1:1 with a Mercedes Aircraft engine. Nothing I’ve read suggests it actually moved under it’s own power however
The “Boot Hill Express” was built by the late Ray Fahrner in 1967 and is based on an actual horse drawn funeral coach. It was up for auction awhile back and The H.A.M.B. put some effort into locating it recently.
A version for the strip was made that apparently didn't handle very well...
A replica was made for the strip. Sounds like it only made a few passes as it handled terrible.
I posted the Stage Fright on the fan page awhile back and it was well liked for two fairly obvious reasons. It’s a 1849 stage coach that took seven years to complete

Are show rods a lost art of something that should be forever forgotten? Personally I’ll go with the former.

A great deal of these photos came from Cosmo Lutz on flickr who has a ton of cool vintage stuff on his account should you find yourself with a few spare minutes.

Site Updates

My wife and I have been working to bring some new product to the store so be on the look out for three new shirts (pre order) and one new sticker in the near future.

I recently got a few Ride Low Park Lower shirts made up as well that will be only available through contests so be sure to follow the fanpage and instagram for various contests to win some shirts.

Finally the store will also be restocked within the next week thanks to Rockstar Graphics.

Flashback Friday

Just got word that Luxury Abstract will have a booth at Importfest 2013. Not a whole lot of LA wheels have made their way to Canada so I am really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in person.

With that in mind here is a throw back to an interview I did with founder Agim Jones in 2011.


  1. Nice write up. This was hot rodding at its finest. And the next person laughed at the guy that builds a themed civic. Oh and about luxury abstract. $1500 a wheel to start. That shit is crazy. I’m better off buying ccw’s or a jdm brand.

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