WTF Friday: 10 More Crazy Show Rods


Decided to get lost in a few ‘good old days’ forums last night and when I emerged I came up with enough material for a continuation of the Crazy Show Rods WTF Friday series.

Like the first I can’t be sure that all of them were actually driven, but a bit of back and forth on the forums alludes to at least a few of them seeing some road time in some capacity.

Probably similar amounts of road time that full blown show cars today see really.

The “Magic Carpet” looks like it could be a little bit of a fire hazard
Not sure the name on this one though I’m sure it was clever
Evidently this sat outside the Tastee Freeze in Downey California for some time. I’m sure it brought in more than a few kids who just wanted to stop at ‘the place with the cool car’
The Uncertain-T
I’d scoop that motor for $650 no problem today…
The wine wagon is pretty peculiar to look at… can’t argue the follow through of a theme however
I believe this one was called the Playbunny
With shag carpeting everyehwere and a name like 'The Sex Machine' I wouldn't recommend actually sitting in this car
With shag carpeting everywhere and a name like ‘The Sex Machine’ I wouldn’t recommend actually sitting in this car
Dave Puhl’s Illusion cruising somewhere. This car was involved in some Aqua Velva promotions
A pair of show rods running the strip
Going to end things off with the ‘Manta Ray’ built by Dean Jeffries
Under all that wire is a Maserati F1 chassis
Over it is an Aluminium body, and between the driver and the front plat sits aCobra-spec 289/4-speed

Site Updates

Going to keep working away at the H2O International photos this weekend so that I can get most of them out the door next week. Don’t be surprised if a few make their way up on the facebook fan page between today and Monday.

I’ll be placing an order this week to restock some of the vinyl in the store as well. If there’s a particular colour you are waiting on feel free to let me know in the comments.

Flashback Friday

I’m almost certain I saw the girl below in Ocean City last weekend and if not she has a doppelgänger. Never the less here’s a throwback to the first ‘Girls With Hot Rides’ Theme Tuesday.


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