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Toronto Lowriders Unite For the 10th Annual Majestics BBQ

The Majestics Car Club Toronto chapter celebrated their 10th annual BBQ by rolling deep on a beautifully sunny Saturday in Toronto.

Theme Tuesdays: Lowriders & The Canadian International Auto Show

Media Day at The Canadian International Auto Show has been my escape from winter for nearly a decade now. If I'm to be completely...

Theme Tuesdays: Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders: Euro Edition

Remember Euros? Lowriders built on platforms like Honda Predludes, Nissan Sentras, & Ford Escorts? This week's Theme Tuesday is all that and more.

Theme Tuesdays: Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders – Pt. 2

Back like I never left, with another outside of the box Theme Tuesday. The last non traditional, traditional lowrider Theme Tuesday was posted in...

Event Coverage: 2017 Majestics Toronto Lowrider BBQ

Before we head out to an event my son always has one simple question, "Daddy will there be up down cars?" Clearly last year's Majestics...

Theme Tuesdays: Vintage Lowriders Part II

I love looking at vintage coverage from all areas of the hobby because it is a great way to see what styles were here to stay and continue to stand the test of time and which were 'of the era'. I hesitate to use the word fad because it has a lot of negative connotations and some styles tend to boomerang and come full circle in the end anyway.

Theme Tuesdays: Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders

Reading that title you guys might think I wrote this a few beers in but hear me out. After stumbling upon the Datsun on wires that was posted in the 'Four On The Floor' Theme Tuesday I started thinking about other not so typical cars done up traditional lowrider style. Traditional meaning, lots of chrome, flake, gold, white walls, wires, supremes etc.

WTF Friday: Lowrider style Auburn Speedster

Until this car I had never heard of Auburn in the autmotive context (only bmx) however when I saw this car I instantly became interested. After a quick stop on wiki I learned that Auburn's only existed way before my time (1900-1936) before going under due to the fact that their cars, while beautiful, were not really priced correct for the depression era. Unsurprisingly, today, both Auburns and Auburn replica Auburns are quite rare which is what makes this car even more unique.

Theme Tuesdays: Vintage Lowrider Extravaganza

The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Stance Is Everything is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that suit the vehicles intent). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: Vintage Lowriders

1960 Chevrolet Brookwood Wagon: Patina Perfection

This 1960 Chevrolets Brookwood Wagon is a perfect example of patina perfection. Bagged, LS3 and Biller Specialties wheels. Perfect.