Randy Traps

If I were to guess --which I am going to-- I would say the number of Neons posted on the site over the...


Shaun's Probe build has been steadily getting better and better and this year he kicked things up a notch by giving the car a...

Chopped C10

Last night (while looking for something completely unrelated) I came across this super unique, and awesome Chevrolet c10. Intrigued, I put a photo of...

Shavi Ain’t Care

In the gen one Mazda 3/Speed 3 world Shavi is somewhat of a legend for always pushing the limits of ground clearance and wheel...

Who Says Playing With Chalk Is For Kids?

Found myself over on Street Source the other day where I came across this pretty cool Chevy Luv build. After a long period of ignoring his Luv, builder Daniel Maxwell decided that when the truck was fit for the streets it needed to be body dropped. The problem was he decided this after already putting a decent amount of work into it.

All Roads Point To Low

The fact that I like Audi wagons isn't exactly news, I've been a fan of the A3 for some time now and I've also dedicated a Theme Tuesday to various forms of Avants. This may be the first Allroad I've posted and, surprise surprise, at the right height I like them as well.

On it’s nuts

If you were to ask my late nineties self whether or not I liked the LS400 I my answer would have been no, partially because I was a dumb kid and partially because I wasn't much into luxury sedans, especially ones that were often two tone. Over time my tastes have matured and like a fine wine the LS400 has got better with age to the point where if I were in the market for big luxury sedan one of these would float to the top of my list.

Pumped On This

I'm sure many of you have seen these photos already but I am going to post it here anyway because I am that pumped on the idea of a bagged, LS powered, s14 drift car. When I was at the Air Lift factory back in March I had the opportunity to take a look at an early production version of their Nissan s14 kit and at the time they didn't say much either way about whether or not it would be released officially.

Courier Service

This Courier ended up on my screen a couple months ago while gathering photos for a Theme Tuesday and quite honestly blew me away. I'm not sure I have ever seen a Courier before (stock or otherwise) so happening across this was pretty rad, more rad is the fact that it is an Ontario build.

Don’t Sleep

Back when the site was in its infancy one of the first people outside of Canada to submit photos was Julian. Known online as Sleepy Wagon Julian owned an immaculate low, flush, Impreza wagon that always sat perfect no matter what wheels were under it. Currently Julian whips an Lexus LS400 and in his signature fashion it's not only low and fitted, it's exceptionally clean.