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Theme Tuesdays: Land Yachts

A couple of weeks ago in a WTF Friday I mentioned that I was working on a 'Land Yacht' Theme Tuesday and that while doing so I realized my knowledge of older, larger, non muscle American metal was fairly limited. Well I've finished the Theme Tuesday, but unfortunately my knowledge of this genre of older American cars didn't really get all that much better. No big deal though as I know that these cars look good regardless of whether or not I know the names....

Theme Tuesdays: Untraditional Low

The lowrider style Auburn Speedster I posted last Friday got me thinking that people will lower basically anything and everything and I should do a Theme Tuesday dedicated to those who like to think outside of the box. I had a few of these vehicles saved already but after doing a lot more web mining I came up with a pretty interesting collection of photos. Enjoy.

Event Coverage CSCS Finale – Part 3

Even though this show was just last weekend with the way the weather has changed (and the amount of time it's taken me to post all of the parts) it seems like so long ago. Most of the cars in today's coverage are probably stored away by now or will soon be in winter mode so here is a look at one of the last show and shines of the season.

Event Coverage: Scrape By The Lake 2010 Part 1

Last year I went to Scrape By The Lake for the first time and had a blast. Scrape is one of the most unique car shows in all of Ontario and while it's mainly a low rider show there are classes and cars for everyone's tastes. This year they invited me back with media pass based on my coverage from last year which I was able to get inside the hop pit and get close to the action. Part 1 of the coverage contains pictures of the traditional Low Lows and bikes along with the hop contest photos.

WTF Friday: Vo Lo Vo

I like Volvos and I love low riders, but together I'm not 100% convinced it's a good idea. What 90% of the population thinks be-damned though since this cardomain member decided to throw caution to the wind and build the low rider he always wanted out of his 760 Turbo estate.

Theme Tuesdays: Low WRX’s

The concept of theme Tuesdays here on Stance Is Everything is simple, every Tuesday I pick a theme and post a collection of vehicles with that theme that meet the stance criteria (modified suspension that fit the vehicles overall theme). This weeks theme Tuesday topic is: Mild, tucked, and flushed WRXs

Event Coverage: Scrape By The Lake 09 Part 2

Part two of this past weekends Scrape By the Lake event. This second of three photo set features: The Suds skate team, the hot rods, import and muscle cars and yes my overwhelming message board demand the bikini contest.

Event Coverage: Scrape By The Lake 09

This past weekend July 19th had to big events going, Eurofest and Scrape By The Lake, after weighing what both shows had to offer we headed out to Scrape By The Lake only because it's the only show close enough to the GTA that has a large turnout of Low riders and mini trucks. With over 164 pictures ready for the web this coverage is going to be broken up into three parts over the next three days in addition to our regular fare. First up: The Lowriders

Event Preview: Scrape By The Lake

Minitrucks and lowriders have been around for years but you never really see a lot of them turn up at your average car show. However Scrape By the Lake isn't your average show. Scrape by the lake is Canada's premiere low rider show hosted by Rollerz Only CC. Scrape is always a huge event but this years July 19th event is special because its the 10th anniversary.