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Event Coverage: FU Cancer BMX Jam/Car Show

If there's one thing that I'm more passionate about than cars its BMX. I've been riding for about twenty years now, and I can...

Theme Tuesdays: Diesel Motors In Everything

There was a time when the words 'diesel' and 'performance' were seemingly at odds with one another. Those days are quickly becoming a thing...

Theme Tuesdays: GTA Then And Now – Pt. 3

There are a lot of photos on this site and with each event coverage post I add to the ongoing history that is created...

Forums Are On Life Support, Won’t Someone Think Of The Build Threads?

I'm old, not that old, but certainly 'older' in the internet based automotive community. I am part of the generation that's been around long...

Theme Tuesdays: Tandem Axles

Let's be honest, this Theme Tuesday was a long time coming, considering my affinity for OG styled minitrucks, bed dancers, classic low riders and vehicles...

Theme Tuesdays: Odds And Sods

Opted to raid my cache of random photos last night while I think of some new Theme Tuesday topics (or better yet go out...

Event Coverage: The 2017 Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo

Any show occupying Mississauga's International Center has big shoes to fill, but even in its first year it was evident that the Motorama Custom Car...

Theme Tuesdays: Impalas

Sometimes the most obvious cars are the ones that get overlooked for Theme Tuesdays and that is certainly the case with Impalas. Heavily featured in Boyz...

Event Coverage: Northern Showdown 2016

In 2014 Northern Showdown earned a red circle on my event calendar as a show I simply can't miss. Initially best categorized as a...

Theme Tuesdays: Cube Vans, Delivery Trucks, and Ice Cream Trucks

I was on vacation last week, and actually ended up pretty busy, which meant that this site was in turn quite stagnant. Because of this...