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It seems a little bit weird to be writing a 'eulogy' for a car that I never really expected to do a whole with...

Defined, stance is "the manner and position in which a person or animal stands", loosely translated to automobiles stance used to be explicitly refer to how...

We all have one of those friends who say they are going to do X, but never make their way past B before giving...

At the end of each year I've always found it fitting to look back on a few of the trends, both on-line and otherwise, that took the car community documented here on Stance Is Everything by storm the last three hundred and sixty five days. If nothing else posts like these are always amusing to look back on the following years to assist in separating the trends from the fads.

On the way back from H2O the odometer on my 2004 Mazda 3 clicked past 216,000 which means that I have now traveled roughly sixteen thousand kilometers on my Air Lift Performance suspension set-up. Since my switch to the 'darkside' via the final production prototype of Air Lift's Mazda 3 kit I've been repeatedly asked a few of the same questions about my suspension.

With the season essentially completely behind us Meguair's Canada, Race Day Media, and Six Feat Media have decided that now is the perfect time...

It's no secret that people here in North America are becoming increasingly obsessed with the enthusiast culture in Japan. Print publications like Super Street periodically run features on shops and gatherings in the land of the rising sun, while on-line media houses like SpeedHunters have hired Japanese correspondents to provide an in depth, on-going look into their scene. On the flip side Japanese enthusiasts have begun to take great interest in what we are doing and one of the magazines providing those in Japan a close look at the North American Enthusiast culture is USDMFREAX.

In late July the Vossen World Tour passed through Toronto stopping at Ertefa, Importfest, Niagara Falls, and Taylor'd Customs taking pictures and video as they travelled. I've been a fan of Vossen's video work ever since this video released in 2012 so I popped in on their shoot to peak at the method behind the madness.

The Car Crazy Canada's Best Contest has wrapped up for another year and Meguiar's Canada is proud to announce Joey Dube of Baylon Ontario as the 2013 winner. Joey and his wife own the surprisingly stealthy bright yellow 1970 Ford Torino that managed to creep it's way into the number one spot under the noses of everyone who participated in the round table discussion.

Lost a good one yesterday on the way to Truck & Tuner Expo. There's some misinformation and rumours floating around regarding it's demise but the long and short of it is heavy rain, inexperience, and high horse power were involved. Such a shame because I quite liked the car and it was incredibly clean. The colour it was painted always made it an interesting challenge to shoot as well. There's a lot more purple in it than the photos below really illustrate.