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WTF Friday: Water to Air

In the Volkswagen world the watercooled-to-aircooled conversion isn't exactly new. I've seen it a few times over at this point this just so happens to be one of the more refined examples I've come across. It is also the first time I have seen it done to a Porsche, taking advantage of the fact that very few people are going to be up in arms over anything done to a standard 924.

Event Coverage: Meeting Of Mazdas 2012

On Sunday I skipped Vagkraft, Torque Modified, and CSCS to attend the 2012 Meeting of The Mazdas. Last year, despite being basically a zombie from Importfest the day before, I had a good time and liked the vibe of the event so I made a point of being available for 2012.

Theme Tuesdays: Local Builds Part 1

It's been awhile since a build thread has appeared here, and with the season almost completely in full swing today seemed like the perfect time to post some of the local builds I've been following. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of these builds are at the first Stretch & Poke event on Sunday.

WTF Friday: Fair Game

Last Saturday my girlfriend and I headed out to Dorchester Ontario for some Thanksgiving festivities and while there we attended the annual fair. This year the fairs main attractions were a freestyle motocross demo and a demolition derby. I am posting the coverage today because a) it doesn't really fit anywhere else and b) Dorchester residents who had never seen FMX before could be heard uttering WTF when the two riders putting on the demo took to the sky.

Event Coverage: CSCS 2011 Round II: Part 1

I'm not sure what kind of deal with the devil Chris and the organizers of CSCS made between last season and this in regards to weather but we are now two events deep in the CSCS calendar and the weather has been outstanding. Actually outstanding isn't an accurate description of the weather on Sunday, dehydrating might be better, or perhaps sun burn inducing, or maybe even heat stroke administering. You get the idea it was damn hot.

Event Coverage: S&P May 29th 2011: Part 1

Yesterday was the first Stretch and Poke! meet of the year and even though leading up to the event the weather forecast looked terrible (to put it nicely) somehow the thunderstorms held out all day and the weather was fantastic which lead to around 150 cars coming out. The meet was my first chance to see a lot of local cars and familiar faces from last year and lots of people have stepped it up for 2011 so I am really looking forward to the rest of the year. Here are some of the Euros from S&P 2010 meet number 1.

The 12 Auto Blogs of Christmas 2010

Last year I put together a list of twelve automotive blogs I read because I felt the authors of those blogs did excellent work and deserved some recognition for it. This year the reasons for the list are exactly the same and only the blogs have changed. There are tons of excellent automotive blogs (I am subscribed to 83 and counting) but here is a list of a few I recommend taking the time to check out after you have checked out the latest here.

Event Preview: 5th Annual Voice Coil Meltdown

Sam from Division R Performance got in touch with me regarding an upcoming show that's taking place right in my backyard here in Mississauga. Division R Performance and well respected local car audio shop, Selective Sound, are teaming up once again to present "The 5th Annual Voice Coil Meltdown & Tuner Jam” which takes place on Sunday June 27th 2010.