I Own the Purple Pontiac

In November a gentleman named Rob sent me an email asking if I had any more photos of his beloved Purple Pontiac known as the Tomahawk, and without hesitation I replied 'yes'. I've been a big fan of the car since my first encounter with it at Performance World in 2011 and when I saw it again at the  at the Fleetwood Country Cruize In free of stanchions I made sure to take several photos.

Clint Jolly Green

Sometime in May I tweeted a photo of my Canon on a tripod in front of my car and @ClintJollyGreen was one of the first to ask when those photos would be posted. My car isn't exactly top priority around here so my reply was simply "soon".

Exhuming Bodies

About a year ago a post title with a Dexter influenced title 'Body Dump' showcased a hot rod flatz black, bodied, 400hp, s10 I spotted on s10 forum. Last week the owner Erik came across the post, and emailed asking if I would be interested in running a quick update on the truck.

Mr. Styles

Shortly after Importfest --where he won both Stretch & Pokes' aggressive fitment category and the best assisted Stance award sponsored by Stance Is Everything-- Ryan asked if I would be interested in shooting his car for a feature on Stretch & Poke. Dave (at Stretch & Poke) and myself have been looking for a way to collaborate for a little bit now and this was really the perfect opportunity.

Toy Sized

Given their small size and unique look Mini's have always been one of those vehicles that don't need a whole lot of modifications to stand out. A set of wheels, a bit (or a lot) of low, and keeping the shiny side shiny is more often than not all that needs to be done.

Don’t play no games that he can’t win

Previously featured photographer, Dormimoto Odd Couple homie, Static Motion owner and proprietor, and all around good guy Santiago (Santi) Gomez recently sent in some photos of his completed Supermade Silvia project. The car was super clean when he got it and every since stock has only improved on the car with the current revision perhaps being the best yet.

Stance Pilipinas

I love when international readers send in their rides (the further away from Canada and the US the better) because it is always cool to see which trends make it internationally and which don't. Bruce and Jay from the Philippines recently sent in some photos of their rides along with a few of the people in their crew and they are quite nice.

Going Back To Cali

For long time readers today's car may look a little familiar and that's because it was first posted in July of 2010 alongside an equally stunning white 328i. At that time Bryan had just saved the car from an early death at the hands of a neglectful previous owner and done a little bit of work to it.

Girls Can Two

The second of today's female rides belongs to Heather and was shot by previous featured photographer Nathan Powers. Like Bri's Jetta Heather's Civic is free of all the typical female modification cliches so it stands out without screaming 'I'm a girl'.

Girls Can

It's been awhile since I have (knowingly) posted up a female owned ride so today I plan to post two. The first of which belongs to the better half of a third of everyone's favourite grass roots BC drift team, Drift Union.