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Event Coverage: Tires 23 Customer Appreciation BBQ

While I was at Torque Modified, a little closer to home in Mississauga Tires 23 was holding a charity BBQ/show and shine as a show of thanks for the years of support they've received from the community. In addition to free food, the event had speciality trophies, giveaways, raffles, and live music and at the end of the day Tires 23 raised $1,022 for Credit Valley Hospital.

Event Coverage: Importfest 2013 – Pt. 2

Time to jump right back into the second of three Importfest show day coverage photos. Despite the "can't beleive I missed that car" feeling I get after every event I am pretty happy with the coverage this year compared to years previous. I'm finally on my way to figuring out the tricky Metro Toronto Convention Centre lighting. Part 1 ended off with a lot of the cars Nextmod brought out and today's coverage hops from crew to crew before ending off with a few vehicles from Street Outlawz including their insane v10 Nissan s14 project.

Event Coverage: Brimell Scion’s Super Tuner 4

On Sunday I managed to make my way over to Brimell Scion for their fourth annual "Super Tuner" event. Initially I assumed I would have to sit this event out due to the after effects of a bachelor party the previous night but to my surprise my body seemed relatively unaffected by a night of debauchery so I rolled out. Dealership shows are always kind of hit or miss so I didn't really know what to expect on the way to Super Tuner 4.

Event Coverage: Hot Wheelz Customer Appreciation

This entire week will be full of event and guest event coverage so if you often check the site from your phone you've been warned. Leading off the week of is coverage from the Hot Wheelz & Tirez customer appreciation show & shine that took place on Saturday at Hot Wheelz & Tirez in Mississauga.

Event Coverage: Mega Speed Part 4

I'll be concluding the 2012 Mega Speed coverage today with photos of the Imports, Euros, and Exotics along with a few of the exhibitors booths that were in the back hall of the International center. This post is a little tail heavy clocking in at about 50 or so photos so if you are on your phone maybe save this for when you can grab some wifi.

Event Coverage: Battleground Show & Shine

I mentioned last week that Sunday September 11th was a busy day to be a car enthusiast here in Toronto. Conveniently the two events were close enough (about thirty minutes apart) that you didn't really have to make a choice between the two if you were only a spectator like myself. The first event I attended (and returned to) was the Battleground Show N' Shine put on by Battleground Performance and Division R.

Event Coverage: Importfest 2011 Part:1

Is there such thing as a car show hangover? If so that is what I have after this years Importfest Toronto. This has always been a show that people look forward too but I felt as though this year people were anticipating it even more than usual. I think the increased amount of anticipation was due to the hard work the Ifest team put in beforehand promoting the show online and at events, as well as the announcement of several 'feature' cars coming to the show from both within the GTA area and abroad.

Event Coverage CSCS 2011: Round III

After two back to back events with flawless weather the skies turned a troubling gray for Sundays round three CSCS festivities, Of course CSCS attendees are used to mother nature pulling these shenanigans and made the trek out to Toronto Motorsports Park anyway. Personally I had my doubts in the morning but thankfully as soon as I arrived the worst of the weather seemed to have pass which meant there was a lot for me to check out and shoot all day at TMP.

Event Coverage: Vagkraft 2011 Part: 1

It's been two years since the last time I attended Vagkraft and even though it poured during last years event I still kind of regret not going, so when the forecast for this year looked similar I decided to head out anyway. Thankfully the collective will of hundreds of car enthusiasts kept mother nature from acting a fool and it was dry the entire time I was there. The local VAG community goes pretty hard so if you like European cars and have not attended one of these events you are missing out.

Event Coverage: S&P June 19th 2011: Part 2

Back with the final set of photos from the June 19th Stretch and Poke event (aka 'The Stakes is High'). Today's coverage is quite simply everything I didn't post in part 1. Looking back I wish I shot a little more but as always hindsight is 20/20 and talking with people is easier than taking photos. Not too fussed though I will see these cars again soon and I think the next S&P event at Downsview Park I will raid Lyndsey's lens stash to switch up the look of the photos a little bit.